Happy 2022

We have been in a pretty intense gateway since christmas. It is almost at the level of an initiation.

There is a lot of exitement for this new year in the collective field. But we are also still in a massive light pouring which is asking us to release, make space and integrate.

You can feel a bit scattered, like you are in between a split (which you are, before and after gateway).

It can get emotional and it may feel very wobly and strange. But you are not alone. Ever. We are all travelling this timeline together. This activation code is received today and speaks of the coming together of the Divine Feminine principle, the Mother and the Divine Masculine principle, the father. As the foundation and fertile soil to bring home our tribes and kingdoms. A coming together of epic proportions. A love story of unity for Gaia and our universe

Sending you all so much love. From my heart to yours.


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