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I do not channel. I embody.

I do not channel. I embody.

I decided that a couple of years ago and it has been enfolding deeper and deeper for me lately.

I realised that I do not want to channel any consciousness that want to bring their message towards our planet and humanity.

I only want to serve that which is the most high and the most connected to the consciousness that I was born with.

I am enough.

And I can serve better when I embody the qualities, energy and wisdom that I am to anchor here. Just sharing the message doesn‘t feel authentic to me anymore.

I had a walk in aspect come in this summer and this has made me question even deeper the way I worked and if this is still how I want to show up.

And it isn’t.

I ended all contracts with High Councils and especially the Dragon Collective High Council.

I became empty. I became lonely. I lost direction and guidance. And because of that, I am having a hard time lately to show up here on social media.

It has not been easy and to be honest, it has been a bit lonely. I found that many didn’t resonate with me anymore when I did not show up in the same way. I lost likes and I found myself wondering why this bothered me.

The realm of social media is not an easy one to play in, because it is difficult to not fall in to the trap of confusing likes with being worthy. Just like channeling for High Councils is not a sign for me anymore that I am gifted.

I seek humbleness and grace. I seek the ordinairy and the mondaine. I seek to serve and to evolve my consciousness. I seek love and peace. I seek to know me and all others.

And the only way for me now is to embody who I am and to operate from my heart. So that it glows this tiny spark bigger and bigger until it reaches the heavens and it merges with the heart of the universe, time and time again, until there is no barrier between her and me, me and her.

And to be able to do that, I am asked again to show up more authentically. To release more of my fear to show myself. To release the need to be liked or valued. To be myself unapologaticaly again and to stand for what I believe to be true.

And while I type, I hear my heart whisper: “ thank you” It takes courage to be here. Each one that is sharing here on these platforms, contributing to the rise of consciousness is taking a huge risk. The risk of getting our ego hurt, abandoned, ridiculed, misunderstood.

So I am here to tell myself, as much as I want to tell you:

I see you, I feel you, I am trembling while I write too. I am scared of what people might think too.

But I can’t hide anymore. I cannot. I am the embodiment of my soul. And she wants to speak

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1 comentario

27 nov 2023

I feel you on this. Channelling seems to be valuable, but there is the risk that it takes discernment and growth away from whoever is reading your message because they can say, oh yeah, the XXX are fixing YYY, so I don't need to do anything because it's all being taken care of. Be your blessed self, your way, and thank you!

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