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Let's Walk Together

My name is Saadia.


Like you, I am here to walk the path of the Heart.

This journey is not just for my own soul's evolution; it’s also in service to others.

I am here to offer my gifts and to guide souls in diving deeper into their hearts,

all to help them to return to love and home within themselves.

As we are all walking each other home, I would love to connect with you and I look forward to sharing sacred space. 


We are just all walking each other home

Saadia in short 

Mother of 3 

Dragon Mother 

Ascension Guide  

Modern Mystic 

Light Activator  

Sacred Soul Artist 

Founder at Temple of the Solar Christ Feminine

My Work Experience

I have accumulated over a decade of experience in the field of energy work. I have learned primarily through practical application, client interactions, and valuable mentorship.

I have helped hundreds of women uncover parts of themselves they thought they had lost. I have helped even more to meet their multidimensional selves, to discover the power of true equal and safe circles. 

My Life Experience 

Around eight years ago I was going through a very nasty divorce, dealing with my second burn-out and completely devastated. I was taking care of two traumatized young boys (the youngest was 18 months old) and I had nothing left but them. Not speaking to my family, blocked bank accounts.

Court hearings, narcissistic abuse, co-dependency, mental illness, celebrating Christmas alone with my children, eating bread and peanut butter for dinner, police visits…. I lived it all.  

I had no choice but to heal. 

I had no choice but to live.  

I had no choice than to take responsibility for what was happening to me. 

I had to see how what was happening was an accumulation of the inauthentic living that I had been doing for most of my life. 


I needed to re-connect with myself and start to live from the inside out. Not living up to expectations.  


I started therapy, I got intense and vivid dreams about the Goddess Isis and Dragons. And slowly I started healing.

I started accepting. I started coming onto this Earth.  


I had many helpers along the way for who I am so grateful. My business was created organically, by clients asking me for sessions after I wrote about how I healed parts of myself. 


I was given techniques and routes of ascension. I met my guides and my team and helped many others meet theirs.

I have seen the traps of the ascension journey and I have learned so so much along the way.  


I have helped hundreds of women uncover parts of themselves they thought they had lost.

I have helped even more to meet their multidimensional selves, to discover the power of true equal and safe circles. 


 I have re-connected countless Dragon-connections.  


And I had to let go, time and time again. Everything that I had gained and done.

I had to return to the purity of the newborn baby time and time again.  


I still feel like a newborn in this area and I know that I know nothing.

There is so much more to learn, to heal, to uncover. And that gives me so much joy and inspiration.  


When reading this you might think that I am addicted to healing. But that is not it. I am curious and mission-oriented. I love witnessing the journey of coming back to Self.  In myself and in others.

I am obsessed with finding pathways and I am in love with the multidimensional work.  

And maybe this work is never done….but I don’t mind.

The price of becoming more and more Free, Independent and Connected is so worth it.

Each cycle moving deeper and deeper. 


Each session, each program, is a gift of discovering. I move with the energy in the moment.

I wait and receive what wants to be brought through. It is always a surprise and I love it that way.  


I am grateful and I love to assist. I am here to be of service. 

My Services

I am an Ascension guide and will support you on your journey, including Healing Medicine Containers, Gridwork, a Solar Christ Feminine program, a Return of the Dragon Mothers program, and Soul Sessions.

All my services are designed for walking you home, helping you remember who you truly are and awakening you to your purpose and innate power.  

If you're curious, you can find more details on the services page. 

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