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Let's Walk Together

My name is Saadia.


Like you, I am here to walk the path of the Heart.

This journey is not just for my own soul's evolution; it’s also in service to others.

I am here to offer my gifts and to guide souls in diving deeper into their hearts,

all to help them to return to love and home within themselves.

As we are all walking each other home, I would love to connect with you and I look forward to sharing sacred space. 


We are just all walking each other home

Saadia in short 

Mother of 3 

Dragon Mother 

Ascension Guide  

Modern Mystic 

Light Activator  

Sacred Soul Artist 

Founder at Temple of the Solar Christ Feminine

My Work Experience

I have accumulated over a decade of experience in the field of energy work. I have learned primarily through practical application, client interactions, and valuable mentorship.

I have helped hundreds of women uncover parts of themselves they thought they had lost. I have helped even more to meet their multidimensional selves, to discover the power of true equal and safe circles. 

My Services

I am an Ascension guide and will support you on your journey, including Healing Medicine Containers, Gridwork, a Solar Christ Feminine program, a Return of the Dragon Mothers program, and Soul Sessions.

All my services are designed for walking you home, helping you remember who you truly are and awakening you to your purpose and innate power.  

If you're curious, you can find more details on the services page. 

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