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About Me

My name is Saadia, a 44-year-old mother of three kids, and like you, I am here to walk the path of the Heart. This journey is not just for my own soul's evolution; it’s also in service to others. I am here to offer my gifts and to guide souls in diving deeper in to their hearts. All to help them to return to love and home within themselves. As we are all walking each other home, I love to connect with you and I look forward to sharing sacred space.


We are just all walking each other home

My Experience

I have accumulated over a decade of experience in the field of energy work. I have learnt primarily through practical application, client interactions, and valuable mentorship.

My Services

I offer a range of transformative services to guide and support you on your journey, including Healing Medicine Containers, Gridwork, a Solar Christ Feminine program, a Return of the Dragon Mothers program, and Soul Sessions. All my services are designed to walk you home, helping you remember who you truly are and awaken to your purpose and innate power. If you're curious, you can take a closer look on the services page.

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