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Venus Rose Code

The first code transmission that wants to come through for my Solar Christ Feminine program is that of the Venus Rose Code.

The Venus Rose Code is the original blueprint for the grail line of the Sisters of the Rose. She is the first seeding of the Rose frequency and all she holds for the solar feminine.

The Venus Rose was born in the Temple of Love on Venus and she holds the codes for Union within Sisterhood and safe relationships between women. As well as supporting Union between partners, without the dark infiltration of the lunar feminine energies of envy and jelousy.

She was born from a gift from a man to a woman. He dreamed her into being and she manifested it in to the Venus realms. She is the ultimate reflection of the feminine in her strength, her softness, her beauty, her frequency and her scent.

In the Temple of Love and the Order of the Venus Rose, each brother and sister had their role and was loved and respected for who they were. All members understood that each is part of the Rose, each petal is different and unique, but without it the Rose would not radiate in its beauty.

Many Venus Rose Grail Keepers have incarnated here in this day and have been feeling connected to Mary, the Magdalenes, the Rose and Venus.

The spiral of Venus moves around the sun in spiral motion and so is the path of Venus spiralling men and woman deeper in to themselves.

The codes that are held within the Venus Rose Codex are about Pleasure and Innocence. About Purity and Sensuality. They hold the framework to understand this duality and to work with it within our own body.

The Venus Rose transmission will support women in not only owning their orgasmic nature, but also their connection to the cosmic womb and star wisdom held within their lineage. The Amrita and the eternal life giving water.... the clearing of patriarchy and the false sex-grids. It goes deep.

This code helps us move through layers of priestess lives in different Rose orders until we return to the beginning of it all. Venus. And your connection to her essence and the reason why she is still calling you in.

I can't wait to start recording these transmissions and to launch the work.

We start the 11th of march  You are so welcome to book a free exploration call if this could be for you.

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