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3 type of sisters of Light

I was writing for the Solar Christ Feminine course and I received that this year we are more than ever before entering a highly sacred space where the feminine gathers to share, heal and exchange the necessary coding.

We all carry unique frequency gifts that others are waiting for to receive. In sharing time and space in Temples like these, we get the opportunity to meet likeminded souls and share these frequency gifts with eachother through our presence and intention to serve the highest good in all of our actions.

I got more specific information this time. There will be three types of light sisters that will feel drawn to the Temple of the Solar Christ Feminine this year. You can be in all groups or in one of two. Ofcourse you are so much more than that which is written here, but this might be calling to your aspects.

First are the Dragon & Rose Emissairies. They feel deeply linked in to the Rose lineage and/or the Dragon-realms. The Temple of the Solar Christ is an important anchor to receive and work with the energies of the Rose, the Dragon Leylines and the Christos mission for the feminine. They have access to many inner earth portals and ofcourse the Avalon realms. They are here to hold the frequency of Divine Union and they hold the keys to the timeline of Eternal Love and they are the bridge to the ancient worlds of the Fae and the Elven. They are keepers of the Rose and of the Emerald.

The Aurora light team. They feel deeply linked to the Aurora frequencies, the rainbow, the Unicorns and the light as a frequency stream moving from our Central Sun and the Sun. They are here for the new Earth children’s purity and for all the new platforms that are being built right now. They are deeply connected to the animals, the trees and the stones and crystals.The rainforest and plantmedicine. They hold the keys to the Community Paradise timeline. They are keepers of the Rainbow flame and the Andara crystals.

The Original Atlanteans and Lemurians. These come here mostly from known planets such as Vega/Lyra, Orion/Mintaka, Venus, Neptune, Tiamat and Malden. They have been involved in the seeding of this Earth and they wish it to help it return to its original frequency of divine love and unity. They feel deeply connected to Egypt and/or Mayan culture. They are here as keepers of the frequency of Wisdom. They are connected to the Halls of Amenti, the Akashic and the God World scrolls. They hold the keys to the

Wisdom timeline. Keepers of crystal skulls and scrolls.

Which one do you feel part of? Please write in comments

I will be recording transmissions for each of these groups so that we can get to know all three dimensions and timelines. There is so much coming together now in this moment.

This is such an important year for the feminine and for humanity.

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i feel / know i am all three


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