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The return of Solar Consciousness

Codex of the 13th Sun

Here we are on an illuminating journey along 13 Suns and their Blueprint for upgrading the DNA untill the 13th crowned Sun is shining brightly within.

The rising Sun in our cells is Solar Consciousness returned and upholded in the original flamekeepers and torchbearers. Those who have known defeat by their own hand and a falling from grace. Which was never a falling a fall from grace, but more a fall in consciousness which resulted in feeling lack of grace.

It is in this coming era that we reclaim that which is ours. That which is the illuminating sun within all of hs.

An essence not to be mistaken with the power granted by us to a god named after the sun. He is not who you think he may is. AMUN-RA. Merely a reflection in a play in power over humanity and its historic birthing through rise, fall and rising again.

We search for wormholes and escape routes to leave this matrix. But is seems we lack a map. The crystal keys from the crystal temples are holding this map, the codex and blueprint for humanities uprising.

These keys have been kept secret and placed safely in a place in a then future timeline. As was calculated and prophesied by Star Elders that this is the time when the pure ones would return once more, to lead humanity out of the karmic loop of debt which is fuelling guilt and shame. In to the golden age, where it will find its true becoming, a true prospeeing of that which lays dormant within the dna of our race: the full blueprint for ascended earth, illuminated gaia and ascended humanity.

Peace, Unity, Harmony, Universal Love, Purity, Innocence and Compassion.

The Law of One returns as we as souls claim back our sovereignty as the free creator beings that we are. Sons and daughters of the Holy. CHRISTOS - SOPHIA.

As the christed light returns, the messias has always been the voice of the Heart which has never been spoken loudly, but steadily, loving and hopeful. As we were given this emerald crystal heart to nurture us in to forgetfulness as this was also part of the divine plan, to fall.

So we can be awoken by the soft voice of our heart whispers. By our deep longing for something more real, more alive, more true and more vibrant.

We have always known there was so much more to all these stories. Where brothers & sisters safeguarded the royal dna and where man fought over land and power.

May we clear all woundings of conflict and war. May we return to the true meaning of Kingdom, King, Queen and reclaim our land.

Through Solar Christ Consciousness. We stand united with illuminated crowns. As the rightful inheritants of this beautiful Earth.

Tranmission for the Solar Christ Feminine: 18th of March 2022.

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