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Return of the Dragon Mothers

Join me on an extraordinary journey as we become the guardians of Universal Wisdom, the Mothers of Dragons, the Mothers of All. Together, we'll resurrect the Tribe of Dragon Mothers, the counterparts to Creation, and hold the polarity of Unconditional Love. We're called to create a sacred space for connecting our codes and creating space within to usher in the new. 


It's the Return of the Dragon Mothers

We are called to hold our field, to create a container for the New to be birthed through. This call is an opportunity for you to connect with us and explore whether you are destined to share this sacred Dragon Mothers space. Together, we will go on a deep, winter journey to prepare for birth, which will take place on February 1st in the new year.

Within this sacred Dragon Mothers container, we will navigate a free-flowing exploration, guided by the moment and the divine guidance that seeks to be birthed through us.


8 weeks of exclusive connection and transformation

We start on 29th of April and end on 10th of June 2024.

We will have bi-weekly live and recorded sessions filled with of transformations and guided meditations. 

What will you receive?

  • Guidance into Dragon Wisdom

My guidance as we delve into the depths of what the Dragon Mothers hold.

  • Secure Sisterhood Connection

A secure space for you to connect with your fellow Dragon Mother Sisters.

  • Exclusive Online Community

Exclusive access to a Facebook & WhatsApp group where we can share our insights and sacred journey.

  • Bi-Weekly Transmissions and Meditations

Engage in bi-weekly live and recorded Zoom sessions (6 in total), filled with Transmissions & Meditations.


Who is this for?

Return of the Dragon Mothers is a sacred space for awakened souls who resonate with the call of the Mothers of Dragons and the keepers of the Codex of Original Creation. If you feel the awakening of the Dragon Mother within you, if you sense the responsibility to safeguard future timelines and carry the keys to purity, innocence, and love, this journey is yours. Whether you're called to resurrect the Tribe of Dragon Mothers or hold the polarity of Unconditional Love, this is your space to create, connect, and birth the new.

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