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Monthly Ascension Forecast


This monthly ascension energy forecast is a support tool for the ascending collective of humanity. It aims to support those who work with energy, to benefit the most from the collective energies that are playing part in our existence here on Earth.

We are all connected to each other and to all that lives, we are part of great collective consciousnesses and here with shared missions. We are here for the rise of consciousness and therefore affected by changes in the atmosphere caused by planetary and star alignments and the higher dimensional information that is being received.

To make sense of it all helps to alchemise what needs to be transmuted and to anchor in the energy that is helpful to us individually and the collective.

May you be guided by the most high in all that you are and to follow your inner wisdom above all else. May you feel held by your soul family and know that the angels, the galactic and all ascension teams in the higher realms are cheering us on, each step of the way! Let’s gooooo family! <3

What is affecting the Ascending collective?

There is a sense of loss felt within the ascending collective this month, especially within the Starseeds. The global events have made many of us aware of the fact that this planet truly has deep wounds and patterns that result in humanity not being safe. Especially those who are connected to the new earth children are feeling their collective cries as they keep saying: ‘I do not want to come to Earth, it is not safe there’ . The feminine who is holding hybrid children and/or Dragon eggs in their wombs might have felt a tightening of their belly as they hold that which is innocent closer and have understood that it is not yet time to release what they are holding. The timeline has had a little set back, there is massive clearing going on and the battle for the Jerusalem Stargate is still ongoing. None of us has been able to access the Stargate as it is still in the hands of those who do not wish us well. We can however still send white light of peace and compassion to the region. No gatekeeper is currently able to hold a steady line, but the angelic forces are working full time on the halo shield that is formed around the top of the area. The sea is fully aligned with the highest dimensional light and will connect to the base of the Stargate when it is time. If you resonate, please withdraw from working with your moon blood in any blood related rituals as the womb has been storing a lot of unresolved pain lately.

The sacred feminine has also been working through massive sister wounds, mother wounds and oracle wounds these past weeks. Especially sister circles were feeling these energies. The Pleaiadean star cluster was reminding us all of the many sisters that we are connected to and the choice we make how we show up in these relationships. Any time that we react from impulse and are not able to connect from a neutral space, we are being asked to look in to deeper wounds related to connecting to our sisters.

We all had many lifetimes in which we were betrayed by our sisters, during witch-hunts but also (galactic) Temple priestess lives. Even the lineage of the Rose has had their infiltrations.

We are healing these wounds collectively and many of us have had to let go of relationships, projects and ideas in our healing journey. Please know that you are not alone moving through this. There is light at the end of this tunnel.

The gift of June

There is good news too! We are gaining autonomy, sovereignty and are learning to hold ourselves and nourish our own essence. To not choose others above ourselves. We are growing and we are learning. If you look back 12 months, you will get a glimpse of the magnitude of your work up until now. It has been intense, but it has been very effective, all the work that you have done.

There is also a gift waiting for us to be received this month. This gift is in the shattering of the heart while witnessing all that is going on, in to a thousand pieces. Finding in its core a new diamond heart with a thousand facets of incredible light. This is your true purpose and your true compass. Let it happen. Breathe.

Sacred Feminine, White Rose and Ireland - strengthening the heart of compassion

In the month of June the ancient sacred lands of Ireland is calling the sacred feminine to retrieve her keys and codes. These codes will help her come one step closer to the full embodiment of the White Rose and the White Ray of the Mother. The missing piece is in the stem of the Rose, there where the natural waters flow through her in to the base of the Rose flower. Nourishing her with the minerals that she needs to fully open her petals. I see a single white Roses standing tall on a green hill while winds blow and a heavy rain is pouring upon her. Beneath the soil, her roots are connected to the core crystal of the Earth and to all other Roses. But she is tired, worn out and weak. She has been strong for so long, malnourished and alone.

Mother Mary is overseeing this process of the White Rose anchoring in the land of Ireland and the collective evolution of the Feminine energy on our planet. She has called forth her daughters in remembrance of Sophia, the feminine principle of God. Her qualities are first being remembered en brought back in to the hearts of the feminine and then in to the land and in an infinity loop dynamic energy pattern, in to the heart of the masculine.

There is a connection to ancient battlefields of the Irish and especially to the warrior Queen Meri-Ta-Ten, Daughter of Akhenaton and named Queen Scotia after she came to Schotland and now lies buried in Ireland. She is part of the lineage of Sophia and she welcomes us to retrieve the feminine codes that are buried with her. We can be strong and compassionate. We can be powerful and soft.

Join the online ceremony and gridwork session to help you to retrieve your personal codes and strengthening the heart of compassion. Thursday 13th of June. 9 PM Amsterdam timezone. For those who cannot make it live, a replay will be sent within 24 hours after the event.

Sacred Masculine, Crystal Piramid and Atlantic Ocean - connecting the soul of peace

The Sacred Masculine collective has been travelling by himself for most of this journey, as he was not yet ready to truly open his heart in vulnerability towards the feminine. And we cannot blame him. The shadow feminine has been very present in the feminine collective, especially when she was clearing Mother, sister and witch-wounds, the energies were very intense within her and around her, which triggered the masculine in his own Mother wounds.

When I speak of the Masculine collective, this collective is in all of us, as we hold Masculine energy as well as feminine energy.

The Masculine essence has been keeping sacred blueprints for peace on Earth that were kept in the base of the pyramid in the Atlantic Ocean. With the release of these blueprints, the Whale and Dolphin collectives have been spreading these codes all across the Atlantic Ocean near the coast of Portugal up unto the Azores. These were all ancient Atlantean codexes and some lost wisdom will be returned which relates to peace and the anchoring of energies inside crystals.

It is now time for us all to receive the codes of masculine peace through the waters within the belly of the Earth and help us to return to softness and radiant presence. Supported and held by the masculine energies that were once here protecting and providing with gentleness and clarity.

Connecting to the Whales and Dolphins within the Atlantic Ocean and the Sacred crystal Piramid that is in these waters and holds the Atlantean blueprints.

Join the online ceremony and gridwork session to help you to retrieve your personal codes and connection to the Atlantean Crystal Piramid. To support your inner masculine in connecting to inner peace. Wednesday 19th of June. 9 PM Amsterdam timezone.

Physical gridwork

Many of us are being called to physical gridwork locations to bless the land with the frequency that we carry and to unlock ancient codes (information, wisdom) that lay burried there. Connecting important node points to galactic structures and angelic portals. We are the ones that were here before and are now called to go to places physically to connect it all.

I will be holding physical gridwork sessions in the Netherlands on the 22nd of June in Schipluiden and the 27st of June in Amsterdam.

Please let us know in the comments where you are being called to. We love to connect!

Whishing you a wonderful month ahead!

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