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July Ascension Forecast

In this year of Transformation, the month of July is the midpoint. A month of miraculous events and divine interventions is what I am told.

The Sirian Gateway that has its peak on the 7th of this month has an especially powerful and magical energy to it. Saint Germain has been very present as they support us in using the energies of this gateway for our transformation. The key word here is Alchemy. The Egyptians were working together closely with Sirius and they were masters in the study and practice of Alchemy. From led to gold, from shadow to light. our souls evolution is very much focussed around creating more space for the light to return. This requires alchemy of the blocks that keep us from embodying this organic light that we are. Saint Germain offers us the Violet Flame to help us transmute and clear and to find our way in the timeline alchemy that we came here to master.

Alchemy - code

This Egyptian – Galactic code speaks of Alch – Emy. Alchemy. Not so much of emotions, but of Timelines and Lineages in total. You receiving this codes means you have the keys and methodes to Alchemise Timelines and Lineages. For the good of all, and for the good of your souls progress in the here and now. This code is also to be seen as a spaceship.., can you lift up.. connect yourself to your higher wisdom and float above the situation? Seeing the connection between all timelines? Hoovering the different elements inside the belly of the ship, from were you transmute and transform it in to a new energetic frequency. This ship is not your body, nor you soul. It is ‘outside’ of you, but part of your higher self/monad, instruments to work with. Arcturian Crystal Piramid Technology. The guides were very precise, to cut the word in half: Alch-Emy. (This is a personal code made for one of the participants of the Goddess Journey.)

Divine Intervention

We can only plan so much in life and some things cannot be avoided because they are part of our destiny.

There are certain events that need to occur in order for us to align with our destiny. A divine intervention will take place this month in the area of which you have been stalling, putting your head in the sand or self sabotaging. The intervention might be as small as meeting a stranger who shares a story which inspires you, or as big as a pregnancy or lottery win.

July is a month of good fortune and gifts and as we open the Sirius Gateway on the 7th of July which starts to bring in the energy of the 8-8 Sirian portal, we are already receiving the warm embrace of the Sirius Sun which holds the energy of warmth, compassion and gentle wisdom.

This energy will feel especially good to those who had lives in ancient Egypt, Sirius A and or Sirius B. It reminds us of days in the lodges, temples and councils that were our safe spaces once. They are a memory of family reunion, initiations and celebrations.

Be open to witness the Divine Intervention take place in your life. Be mindful of sudden shifts in relationships, emotional states and/or finances. This is gods gift this month. The Twinflame collective will experience a very specific intervention, you can read more at the end of this energy report.

The song of stones

This month we are invited by the stone collective to connect with them. Sitting nearby standing stone circles or labyrinths and spirals made from stones. Temple walls and cave floors… They hold cellular memory of all that they witnessed.

A stone holds the promise of a future that is fixed and cannot be changed and she speaks in a language that is vast and clear. You cannot influence a stone in to speaking anything else than truth. It is the most pure and clear channel we have on this Earth. The song of a stone reminds you of what you came to do here and certain choice points that are important to not take lightly in order for divine alignment to occur in your life and your souls mission and learning experience. You came here to experience this endphase in the ascenscion cycle of this planet and it is your destiny to fulfil a certain role. Frequency wise and energy speaking. The stones can help you understand more. Because they hold information from the beginning of this planet and for those who have ears to hear them sing, you will be able to decipher the code in their song. In July you are encouraged to connect with stones from nature as much as you can.

7-7 Elohim Cyclopea

The Elohim Cyclopea are the Angelic Dragon Masters that are here to help with the Ascension of Humanity and our planet. They have a message and a transmission to share with all of you.

“It is your destiny to come here to share your frequency with all who need it. We know that it has not been easy to be the one to See, Feel, Hear and Know. To be in at ONE within, but to know Separation when you come back in your physicality. You can feel alone and not part of this world, but have had a strong desire to feel connected and part of what is happening here. We can confirm, you are not part of this world. You are of a different frequency, a frequency of Love, Harmony and Unity. But we are Family and we are ONE.

We would love to help you to activate your Dragon Eye within your pillar so you can anchor through there, the wisdom, love and harmony that you hold and are.”

There will be an event on the 7-7 to help many more to connect to the energy of the Elohim Cyclopea and to receive their activation.

16 - 7 Speaking Stone Ceremony

The Stone of Destiny is an ancient symbol of Schotland’s Monarchy. It was used in the inauguration of Scottish Kings for centuries. In the 13th century it was taken to England and is since then used as part of the Coronation chair to crown every King and Queen of England.

The Celtic name of the stone upon which the true kings of Scotland have traditionally been crowned is Lia Fail, “the speaking stone”, or the stone which would proclaim the chosen king. Legend said it is brought to Schotland by the Egyptian princess, Meri-Ta-Ten, Queen Scotia.

In June we held the White Rose Ireland online ceremony in which we released the White Rose frequency in the

green hills of Ireland and awakened Meri-Ta-Ten from her stasis. A Stargate was brought back online as many warrior sisters were freed from their chains. Purity and Peace was returned.

This month we have an opportunity to connect to speaking stones and to take at look at where we stand in the path towards our destiny. A collective clearing and reconnection will take place as the true Kings & Queens are returning to their destined points in the grids.

The Maji Grail King of Schotland and his Dragon body is deeply connected to the Stone of Destiny. He holds the Tri-Fold Flame and is ready to claim his rightful position next to his Queen. The stone will speak its truth as it is free from any overlay, spell and inversion.

A ceremony to connect to the speaking stones will be held on July 18th, 8.30 PM Amsterdam timezone. You can reserve your spot here:

Twinflames in July

The Divine intervention that will take place this month will be very specific for Twinflames /Twinrays and will help them remember their unity in the higher realms. Many of the Twinflames know that they share a higher self and are part of a collective of 2 that are together 1. There will be a lightbulb moment where there will be more awareness on how to use the combined frequency to support ascension. It will be understood by both on a deeper level how the trinity unity energy opens a vortex of healing for all involved. I see the divine intervention in the form of a third person that is part of their soul monadic family coming in to advice, teach or catalyse the flames in to unity. There will be more love, more understanding and more compassion. The fighting, running and separation will decrease and it will feel magical to be in this world again.

Wishing you a happy month of July beautiful souls.

Much love,


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