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7-7 Elohim Cyclopea Online Activation


The Elohim Cyclopea are the Angelic Dragon Masters that are here to help with the Ascension of Humanity and our planet. They have a message and a transmission to share with all of you.


“It is your destiny to come here to share your frequency with all who need it. We know that it has not been easy to be the one to See, Feel, Hear and Know. To be in at ONE within, but to know Separation when you come back in your physicality. You can feel alone and not part of this world, but have had a strong desire to feel connected and part of what is happening here. We can confirm, you are not part of this world. You are of a different frequency, a frequency of Love, Harmony and Unity. But we are Family and we are ONE.

We would love to help you to activate your Dragon Eye within your pillar so you can anchor through there, the wisdom, love and harmony that you hold and are.”


Some are not yet ready to share the medicine openly yet. We are to wait in this phase until there is a window opening. This window will open on the 7-7 and will stay open until the 8-8 as the gift of Sirius and the Elohim Cyclopes will be available to many more of us.


I will be hosting an event on the 7-7 to help many more to connect to the energy of the Elohim Cyclopea and to receive their activation.

Hope to see you there.


Much love,



7-7 Elohim Cyclopea Online Activation

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