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The Lineage of the White Rose

The Lineage of the White Rose

It is her simplicity

her radiant yet humble beauty

Her purity and softness

That does not repel

any darkness that you may hold.

She pulls you in, but in a gentle and loving way.

She is magnetic in her loving embrace.

She leaves room for as many of the colours that you want to see.

A rainbow is reflected

by a drop on her leaf

Returning it all

in to one


Diamond White Light

Sister of the Red Rose

who is unapologetically passionate

Sister the Blue Rose

who is unwaveringly faithful and true

And sister of the Pink Rose

who holds the promise and Hope.

The White Rose her strength is Humility and Purity. She is the most silent of them all.

She does not like to draw attention to her. But she knows she is here to shine her light. To be of service and to stand strong. To not let her light be dimmed by those who do not understand.

Her pale and to some unnoticeable appearance

Shows nothing about her resilience, her endurance or her strength.

She is wise, she is pure and she has incredible power.

She is the Northern Star and the Polar Bear frequency.

She comes from a lineage of Elders. A line of White Roses that came before us.

Mother Mary, White Buffalo Calf, Meri-Ta-Ten and Aphrodite are part of the lineage of the White Rose. And so are you.

I see you remembering. I feel you coming in my field, claiming your lineage. I love you for who and all that you are.

Keep shining beautiful White Rose.

You will be seen for who you truly are soon.

Much love,


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