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16/7 Speaking Stone Ceremony

The Stone of Destiny is an ancient symbol of Schotland’s Monarchy. It was used in the inauguration of Scottish Kings for centuries. In the 13th century it was taken to England and is since then used as part of the Coronation chair to crown every King and Queen of England.


The Celtic name of the stone upon which the true kings of Scotland have traditionally been crowned is Lia Fail, “the speaking stone”, or the stone which would proclaim the chosen king. Legend said it is brought to Schotland by the Egyptian princess, Meri-Ta-Ten, Queen Scotia.


In June we held the White Rose Ireland online ceremony in which we released the White Rose frequency in the green hills of Ireland and awakened Meri-Ta-Ten from her stasis. A Stargate was brought back online as many warrior sisters were freed from their chains. Purity and Peace was returned.


This month we have an opportunity to connect to speaking stones and to take at look at where we stand in the path towards our destiny. A collective clearing and reconnection will take place as the true Kings & Queens are returning to their destined points in the grids.


The Maji Grail King of Schotland and his Dragon body is deeply connected to the Stone of Destiny. He holds the Tri-Fold Flame and is ready to claim his rightful position next to his Queen. The stone will speak its truth as it is free from any overlay, spell and inversion.


A ceremony to connect to the speaking stones will be held on July 18th, 8.30 PM Amsterdam timezone. You can reserve your spot here:


16/7 Speaking Stone Ceremony

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