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Galactic Wizard Butterfly

Keeper of an ancient Key

Guardian of Earth

Through this Key you can see

All that you are

And the path to become free

To anchor joy and purity

Is why you came here to be

A beacon for many

From rooted sympathy

Growing flowers in a desert

With the vision you see

You are able to touch many

With the magic you hold

The seal is the key

For you to remember the Gold

As many other keepers

Of the story of Her

The way of the Goddess

Is why you are here

Eternal gardens

Golden seeds glow

Impacted by you

The balance will grow

Dragons fly with you

As you travel these lands

Musical tones

While moving your hands

Elven and Arcturus is

through which you came

Rainbow and Unicorn

Is part of your name

You are here

To bring an unique frequency

Not yet many have known this

Only the Pure Ones can see

How much wisdom and love

You have to bring

May this key open you up

For the journey to begin

~Sacrd Soul Art handdrawn made for a beautiful brother of light.

Minder weergeven

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