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Ancient Golden Temples

Appear before my eyes

My heart skips a


As I see what here in lies

A Galactic and Royal Queen

An Egyptian Head of Men

Star wisdom Keeper

Remember how it all began

You are the one

Who has seen it all before

Atlantean Blueprint Holder

The Emerald Stone is in your core

The one with the connections

Andromeda and Sirius ways

Scribe of milky way movement

Glorious where those days

How lost have you must felt

Not remembering this all

But holding deep inner wisdom

That there is a certain call

A remembrance of wisdom

A holding in your heart

An expression of your essence

To feel complete and not apart

All aspects returning

Deep down you know so well

You are here to unravel the pieces

In which your soul may dwell

Dance and light that fire

For that is why you came

To feel your own heart beat

While breathing with the flame

~ Personal Soul Art created for a beautiful sister, so much grattitude to her for letting me share this work here.

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