9 pm Central European Time

During this powerful eclipse full moon we will be journeying with our beloved Dragons to the Christchurch Priory in the South West of England. This church is a massive Dragon Sophia portal and needs to be opened so that the orinal codes and templates for this portal can be restored. We are to not only reclaim but also retrieve soul-aspects as the feminine solar essence is still unfree there and many Dragons are trapped. We will change this and help reinstall this portal again for the good of all. 


Join us in this space were we work with our beloved Dragons, Hieros Gamos codes and the Christed Child.  

In this vey powerful meditation, you will travel to four different stargates and clear and open up their connection through the underwater gateway system. Glastonbury Tor, Stonehenge, The Sphinx and the Great Pyramid.

This will have an immense effect on the connection between different energycenters in your field, as we are all linked to these gridplaces around Earth.

You will be welcomed in to the the underwater Golden city below the Great Pyamid and will receive the initation of the Ruy Ray and Red rose through this meditation.

Within the Sphinx, the Heart chakra will be activated and aligned with the Third Eye.

And a unification of masculine and feminine energies will take place with support of Lion and Dragon beings.


A very powerful and deep felt meditation to receive powerful ascension keys within yourself and to receive the alignment necessary for your souls expansion.


Date recorded: 22-02-2022


In this very powerful meditation with the Dragon Collective as your guide, you will meet Merlin. Merlin is a gatekeeper to the  magical realm of Dragons and he is a guide to all Gridworkers. In this meditation he will take you to the Great Pyramid of Giza and the receive a beautiful initation with the magical crystalline waters.

You will be invited in to the Table Mountain area which is an important gateway for many galactic races and a powerful energy vortex.

We will clear the distorted energy and open ourselves up to receive the beautiful Source Light and we will help release the High Elven and restore our connection to this beautiful race.  

Date recorded: 12-02-2022

In this very powerful meditation with the Dragon Collective as your guide, you will meet Akhenaton. Akhenaton lived as a King in the ancient times of Egypt with the mission to anchor Christ Consciousness here on planet Earth.

As the Gatekeeper to many ancient portals and gateways, he will invite you to travel down under the Great Pyramid in Egypt where you will be able to receive part of the Christ Consciousness Codex.

As we work with the Universal Plasma waters still residing deep down below the Great Pyramid, your connection with Inner Earth Stargate and with the Star of Sirius will be restored. A deep clearing of your DNA and cellular structure will occur as an ancient blokkage will be removed.

This meditation is a poweful tool in clearing clearing distorted Egyptian timelines while holding the opportunity to upgrade your lightbody to receive and anchor more of the Solar Christ Consciousness Codes within.

Date recorded: 02-02-2022

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Sacred Soul Art

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Sacred Soul Art


Personalised handdrawn artwork with Soul Activating Lightcodes. 

This unique and handdrawn personalised artwork and poem is a direct message from your higher self. It helps you remember who you are and why you came here.

The artwork is filled with lightcodes which surpass the mind and activate you to a higher, more aligned timeline for your souls growth and happiness.

There will be a deep rememberance and feeling of homecoming when receiving this message.