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The Dragon Collective

As multidimensional beings we are deeply connected to the planet and we are here to actively play a part in the rise of consciousness through anchoring our consciousness through our human vessels. 

The Dragons as well as many other inter dimensional travelling beings are here to assist us as we work with the healing, clearing and anchoring for our planet. We do the same for our own bodies. 

The Dragon Collective is a group of Dragon souls who guide us in to group planetairy gridwork. This means that we go on a vision journey together. I channel and transmit whatever is asked of us and we open up certain stargates or energy vortexes around the planet. And so we heal, clear and anchor whatever is asked of us. 

You need to do nothing but close your eyes and participate in this journey through following my voice.

If you feel called to this work, you can order recorded journeys here, or subscribe to upcoming events here. 

Available Meditations

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