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The Divine Feminine Solar Christ Codex is a container supporting the Divine Feminine to fully embody the Sophianic Template. To heal and restore more of the Feminine Essence in our lives and at the same time on Earth.

This program is an opportunity to dive deep into the space of Divine Feminine Solar Consciousness. Through regular transmissions & quantum journeying, we will step into the Etheric Crystal Temples and receive DNA activations and initiations.


We will be guided by Star Elders and Feminine Ascended Masters in portal work and timeline repair to correct the connection between our light bodies, the crystal network, the star systems, and Earth.


We will receive exactly what is needed for the evolution of our unique personal ascension journey and content is channeled based on the group energies within that moment. 

There will be healing work and soul retrieval, reclaimation of gridpoints and energyvortexes. DNA repair en support in re-crystalisation and embodiment. 

This program will be hosted for 9 months. March - Nov 2023.   

You will receive monthly LIVE transmissions and meditations and a dedicated facebook

group to share with sisters and to receive personal support when needed.

All sessions will be recorded.