In this vey powerful meditation, you will travel to four different stargates and clear and open up their connection through the underwater gateway system. Glastonbury Tor, Stonehenge, The Sphinx and the Great Pyramid.

This will have an immense effect on the connection between different energycenters in your field, as we are all linked to these gridplaces around Earth.

You will be welcomed in to the the underwater Golden city below the Great Pyamid and will receive the initation of the Ruy Ray and Red rose through this meditation.

Within the Sphinx, the Heart chakra will be activated and aligned with the Third Eye.

And a unification of masculine and feminine energies will take place with support of Lion and Dragon beings.


A very powerful and deep felt meditation to receive powerful ascension keys within yourself and to receive the alignment necessary for your souls expansion.


Date recorded: 22-02-2022