Dragon Frequency Essence 02-2022


There are Dragons calling us. As they have been our most ancient friends. They are here again to assist us in this beautiful journey. To help us clear, transmute, transcend and journey to the most beautiful worlds of magic. 

This batch: 02-2022 is created during the powerful 02-02-2022 and 22-02-2022 portal. Moonwater from the full moon of 16-02 was used, infused with Labrodatorite, Perite and a Black Dragon Stone. She was bottled during Storm Eunice and she holds the tear of the Dragon mother while I journeyd with her to where the golden Dragon Egg is kept untill we are ready to receive this divine gift of pure love that the Dragons hold for us, in our heartspaces. 

How to use the Essence: 

I would recommend to put 3 drops in a little bit of water and drink it before meditation and/or meditate while holding the bottle. I personally love to sleep with the bottle Essences under my pillow to help me connect in dreamtime.  


* Moonwater

* Organic Alcohol

* Codes and Magic