In this very powerful meditation with the Dragon Collective as your guide, you will meet Akhenaton. Akhenaton lived as a King in the ancient times of Egypt with the mission to anchor Christ Consciousness here on planet Earth.

As the Gatekeeper to many ancient portals and gateways, he will invite you to travel down under the Great Pyramid in Egypt where you will be able to receive part of the Christ Consciousness Codex.

As we work with the Universal Plasma waters still residing deep down below the Great Pyramid, your connection with Inner Earth Stargate and with the Star of Sirius will be restored. A deep clearing of your DNA and cellular structure will occur as an ancient blokkage will be removed.

This meditation is a poweful tool in clearing clearing distorted Egyptian timelines while holding the opportunity to upgrade your lightbody to receive and anchor more of the Solar Christ Consciousness Codes within.

Date recorded: 02-02-2022