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Three month 1 on 1 mentorship

I help you to embody your feminine potential by unlocking gifts and higher wisdom. 


We will be in (online) sacred ceremony for 60 to 90 minutes each time to work with the field of creation and to help you connect back in to your organic essence. 


Soul retrieval, inner child work, Quantum Healing and Mutltidimensional travel may be part of our work together. 


Three sessions + intake session


Intake - Setting intention and building sacred container. Connecting back with teams of assistance & guides.


Session 1 - 3 - depending on current status of embodiment and anchored intention, we work on retrieving aspects, clearing dark attachments and activating the dna. 


Three month 1 on 1 mentorship

€ 999,00Price
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Three month 1 on 1
€ 333,00every month for 4 months

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