Lightweaver & Cosmic Ascension Guide


Welcome beautiful soul


I am so honored that you are here  on my website. I wish to create a sacred space in which all who seek can find tools to get back in to their sacred hearts. And re connect all loss fragments, heal and clear our ancient lineages and find our hearts desire, purpose and fulfilment.


This website is still under construction, please bare with me. 

In this very powerful meditation with the Dragon Collective as your guide, you will meet Merlin. Merlin is a gatekeeper to the  magical realm of Dragons and he is a guide to all Gridworkers. In this meditation he will take you to the Great Pyramid of Giza and the receive a beautiful initation with the magical crystalline waters.

You will be invited in to the Table Mountain area which is an important gateway for many galactic races and a powerful energy vortex.

We will clear the distorted energy and open ourselves up to receive the beautiful Source Light and we will help release the High Elven and restore our connection to this beautiful race.  

Date recorded: 12-02-2022