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Welcome ancient soul

It is my pleasure and my purpose to walk beside you, while you walk yourself home. Reclaiming and restoring that which is lost, fostering a deeper connection to your Heart and to the divine. 

I am an Ascension Guide and Multidimensional Healer. I help you remember who you deeply are and what you are here to bring. Due to my multidimensional approach, the work moves through all times and dimensions and connect them with your current incarnation.

I support you with love in your process of becoming whole, so that you can actually start living from your inner strength and light.


Join a transformative journey, anchoring higher frequencies through your pillar of light.

“Saadia is such a pure channel of All, that IS Sophia Christ Consciousness.
Her psychic gifts are super accurate -
and each time I have the honor to connect with her, my highest being gets activated.
With Saadia by my side, it feels so confident and familiar, to follow back (again) the path of the Rose Lineage.


“Saadia is one of the most profound healers I know within the Netherlands.
She combines a very subtle, gentle and compassionate approach with fierce and bold (shadow)work and lifetimes of multidimensional wisdom and experience.
If you've ever been afraid of joining women's circles; Saadia’s containers are the safest I was ever part of.”


"Saadia has a powerful presence of Divine love and compassion Her gifts of intuition and journeying are profound, taking you to places deep within the womb of creation. A true channel and wayshower for those she touches. Her love is tangibly felt and her joy in serving humanity is felt through every word. Her Divine connection takes you deep and allows for immense expansion and clearing of all that does not serve your highest good. I am honored to have met her on my journey home to self and Source.”




To receive guidance, support and healing on your journey, I offer several services.


Gatherings & circles

Join a powerful circle where we share, receive teachings, techniques and meditations around certain ascension-related topics.


Dragon Temple of Original Light

Joining in online group sessions to help anchor galactic and celestial energy while meditating and journeying together.


Supporting the Divine Feminine to fully embody the Sophianic Template during a 9-month online program.


1:1 Sessions online & in person

Personalized one-on-one sessions provide a sacred space for you to remember who you truly are and awaken more deeply to your purpose and innate power.


We are all walking each other home

Through one-on-one sessions, group gatherings, and sacred medicine containers, I provide support and healing for all who are on this ascension journey. I hold templates of the Divine Mother, Divine Union, Solar Christ Feminine, Inner Child, Oracle Healing, the Ascension Blueprints, Gridwork, Galactic Timeline Healing, Dragon Consciousness, and more.


Join me in this beautiful time of reclaiming that which is ours. To return home to self. In humility, purity and unconditional love. Transmuting all that is no longer serving us into that which we always were intended to be.



Contact me to explore my transformative offerings and discover how I can support your journey towards healing and growth.

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